This event will run from the 11th to the 12th of November 2017


The East Coast expo will be back next year!


Day Pass


Single Day Entry
Either 11th or 12th
November 10am-Late

Weekend Pass


Weekend entry
Both 11th & 12th
November 10am - Late

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Weekend entry including
7pm on Friday night
for the pre party

Welcome to the East Coast Tattoo Expo Website!

Shine up your spats and grab your best moll or sheik because the 2017 East Coast Tattoo Expo is back and this year’s theme goes back to the golden days of wise guys, the goodfellas… you know, gangsters.


What to Expect At A Tattoo Convention

We have a wealth of tattoo artists working on booths for the entire weekend – visit our artists section to see who’s available and the types of work they do. There’s also gonna be entertainment at this sit-down, particulars to be confirmed..

Remember to bring enough moolah, because there’s going to be traders at this joint too, parting with some great swag.

You want to know more? Head over to the FAQ where we’ll be able to whack any question you may have.

Tattoo guns only. Capeesh?