How much are tickets?

In advance £12 for the day or £20 for the weekend.  A Party Pass covers entry for the whole weekend including the Friday evening from 7pm and costs £25. Children under 16 go free as long as an adult accompanies them.

What’s this year’s theme?

This years theme is Gangsta, we will have Gangsta themed decor, awards and well everything themed in 1920’s Gangsta style

This is our 14th year and boy do we know how to put on a party!

What date is the expo?

Friday November 10th from 7pm, Saturday November 11th from 10.30am, Sunday November 12th from 10.30am.

Who hosts the event?

Sonya Trusty of Red’s Tattoo Parlour, Colchester High Street and Glyn Uren hosts the East Coast Tattoo Expo now in its 12th year.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available from this website here, in store at Reds Tattoo Parlour, Colchester High Street or on the door on the day.

Are children allowed?

Yes children are allowed and under 16 year olds will go free BUT this is a tattoo event and some of our acts may use adult language so please be aware of this.

Is there any shopping?

Oh yes there is loads of shopping from many of our unique and varied trade stand holders, for up to date information on these please see the trader tab on this website.

What are the opening times?

Saturday 10:30am – Late Sunday 10:30am – Late

What age can I get tattooed at the event?

Although this is an event the age limit to be tattooed is still strictly 18 years old or over and if you look under 21 years of age please bring photographic identification with you.

Can I get tattooed at the event and how?

Yes this is what the event is all about, please use the Artists tab on this website to see who is working. Each artist works differently so you will need to get in touch with them individually to see if they pre-book before the event or if they prefer a first come first served style of working. If you have a specific picture of something you want to get tattooed a print out brought with you is always helpful for your chosen artist.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are NOT allowed in to the event, but dogs are allowed on to the Highfileds site and into the caravans.

How do I book a caravan?

All caravans are booked directly through Highfields by phoning –  Sue on 0843 309 2562 or emailing – sue.fairman@park-resorts.com – this way you can book as many as you like at our negotiated cheaper rate and also choose what grade of caravan you wish to have. As the site now has full responsibility you can check in to your caravan earlier and some of the caravans are dog friendly as long as you pay a £20 charge.

How much does a caravan cost?

Caravan costs through Highfields are:

Bronze – 6 Berth £75,  8 Berth £80

Silver – 6 Berth £85,  8 Berth £90

Silver Wide – 6 Berth £95,  8 Berth £100

Gold – 6 Berth £110,  8 Berth £120

How long to I get to stay in the caravan?

From 11am on Friday November 13th through to 11am Monday 16th November.

Is it possible to just book a caravan for one night?

For special requests talking to Sue at the camp on the above number is  best.

Is there food served?

Yes food is served in a pub style all weekend long.

How much will a tattoo cost me?

This is something you will need to discuss with the artist who is tattooing you.

How to I get to Highfields?

Please use the Contact tab on this website for full directions and travel advise.

Is there parking?

Yes there is plenty of parking for all.

I am being tattooed at the show do I still have to buy a ticket?

Yes you still require a ticket.

Is there a cashpoint on site?

Yes there is am ATM on site.

Booth Holder Enquiries

What size are the booths?

Each single booth is 2 metres x 2 metres, so a double booth is 2 metres x 4 metres, a triple is 2 metres x 6 metres and so on.

How can I apply to work the show?

If you wish to work the show please contact Sonya Trusty on 01206 766606 or by email on redsonya6@mac.com or you can download the application forms below, although every artist is vetted for the quality of there work so simply sending your money in does not guarantee you a space, but if we do not accept you, your money will be returned in full.

What will be happening at the artist party?

We have live bands and karaoke along with feeding ya’ll with food on the house.

What is included with the booth price?

For the price of the booth you will an artist and an assistant pass for each booth (so if you book a triple you will get 3 artist passes and 3 assistant passes). We will provide you with a bucket for clinical waste, a sharps bin, clinical waste bags, cling film, bottled water, kitchen roll, plastic cups, consent forms and a black bag for general waste.

What are the caravans like?

Please see the find us tab on this website for photographs of the caravans. All caravans onsite are less than 3 years old, all have heating and are fully maintained year round.

Do the caravans have heating?

Yes all the caravans have heating.

Do the caravans have bedding & towels?

Yes all caravans have bedding but you will need to bring your own towels.

Do I get any free tickets for my clients?

No you do not get any free tickets.

What time is set up on the Friday?

Set up on Friday in between 3pm and 7pm, if you arrive to set up later than 7pm you will have to set up Saturday morning between 9:00am-10:00am.

What time can artists enter the venue in the morning Saturday & Sunday?

Artists and traders may enter the venue from 10am on both days.

What categories are in the awards?

The categories are as follows –
Traditional Oriental
Modern Oriental
Small Black & Grey (less than an A4 sheet of paper)
Large Black & Grey (anything bigger than an A4 sheet of paper)
Small colour (less than an A4 sheet of paper)
Large Colour (anything bigger than an A4 sheet of paper)
Old & New School
Best Of Show

What are the judging rules?

OK, here goes –
If you are not an artist working the show you can NOT enter work in to the competition (this makes it fairer for those working the show)
Best in show, must be started and completed at the show.
Judging will be done on the Sunday only between 4pm-6pm.
Black and grey must only consist of black, grey and white.

How many awards are given?

In total 27 awards are given as we give 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each category.

What time is the judging?

Judging will be between 4pm & 6pm on the Sunday.

What time is the awards show?

7pm Sunday

Are there thermal copier facilities?

Yes there is a thermal copier onsite located in the Reds Tattoo Parlour booth.

Are there photocopying facilities?

Yes there is a photocopier onsite located in the Reds Tattoo Parlour booth.

Will there be a place to sterilize my tubes?

No the local council will not allow us to have an autoclave onsite, so please bring adequate tubes with you or alternatively use disposable tubes.

Can 2 artists work in a single booth one on Saturday one on Sunday?

No this will not be allowed under any circumstance and if we catch you doing this you will be ejected from the show and the caravan site with no refunds.

Can I specify where I want my booth to be?

No you cannot.

I have paid but can no longer work can I get a refund?

Refunds are not given under any circumstance at any point.